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Why You Should Choose Custom Homes Over Resale Homes

It may seem like an easy decision to choose between a custom home and a resale home. However, like in other aspects of renovation, there are essential factors that you need to consider before making a choice.

One of the biggest advantages of custom homes is that they are newly built so you have the freedom to design one however you want. Meanwhile, resale homes can offer more flexibility, especially if cost and location are your priorities, and you're OK with a few compromises.

But there are more advantages to custom homes, including the following.

Designed According to Your Needs

If you're looking at buying a resale home, you have to be prepared for the possibility of settling for a property that's less than your ideal. With a custom home, however, you can have the place designed and built based on your needs. So, if you want it to be kid-friendly or suitable for aging in place, these things can be easily taken into consideration during the construction phase.

Floor Plans That Suit Your Lifestyle

It's easy to underestimate the impact of your floor plan on your lifestyle, especially when you have grown so accustomed to not having a home design that's tailor-fit to your needs.

But remember that this could affect your comfort, convenience and even productivity inside your home. A custom home allows you to draw up a plan that specifically matches your lifestyle so you can enjoy your home even more.

Energy and Cost Savings

Since custom homes are essentially brand new, you can be sure that they meet the current energy efficiency standards. This means a bigger opportunity for you to save on energy bills month after month. From windows to appliances, every part of a custom home can contribute to your energy savings.

Family Safety

Apart from ensuring energy efficiency, new custom homes are also built with the latest safety standards in mind. For instance, these homes typically use low and zero volatile organic compound (VOC) paint and materials, which can improve indoor air quality.

They may also feature top-of-the-line circuit breakers, which can help reduce electrical issues, as well as high-efficiency air conditioners and furnaces, which use eco-friendly coolants that make your home safer for your family.


Custom home construction companies are equipped to handle all aspects of building your new home. This makes it easier to keep up with all relevant transactions, from planning to implementation. Many of these businesses can also offer you financing options or at least guide you through various financing options.

Additionally, custom homes are move-in ready as well. They come with brand new appliances, flooring, cabinetry and whatnot, making the entire process more exciting.

Custom Home Warranty

A newly built custom home is usually covered with a warranty, giving you more peace of mind and confidence when buying the property. This warranty means that the costs would be covered by the contractor in the event something breaks during the warranty period.

With resale homes, you may not gain knowledge of any damage or defects until after the purchase. So, when it's time to carry out repairs, you will likely have to pay for these out of your own pocket. If you want to avoid such unplanned costs, your best bet is to opt for a custom home.

Whether it’s kitchen remodeling or a custom home project, Peartree Homes can ensure excellent workmanship. We have over 50 years of experience in the industry so we can offer sound advice and quality solutions. Call us at (843) 343-5808, or fill out our contact form to request a consultation.


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