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Daniel Island Custom Builders

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations, Custom Home Building, Additions, and Exteriors

Daniel Island Custom Homes and Remodeling

Welcome to Peartree Homes, the leading choice for custom home building in Daniel Island, SC. With a focus on crafting unique homes and revitalizing living spaces, we offer more than 30 years of exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to each project. Whether you envision a newly built custom home or desire professional remodeling services on Daniel Island, our committed team is here to make your dream home a reality.

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Daniel Island Contractors

Custom Home Construction: With meticulous attention to detail and a profound appreciation for Daniel Island's beauty, our custom homes are masterpieces of luxurious coastal living, tailored specifically for you.

Home Renovation: From modern kitchen makeovers to comprehensive home overhauls, our expert team at Peartree Homes injects new life into your spaces, aligning them with the enchanting allure of the Lowcountry.

Design & Planning: Feeling daunted by the endless possibilities? Our seasoned design team collaborates with you to transform your ideas into tangible, elegant designs that capture the essence of island living.

Eco-Friendly Building: Embracing green and sustainable construction practices, we ensure you live in harmony with the environment without compromising on the luxury you deserve.

Why Partner with Us for your Daniel Island Custom Home?

Local Expertise: Our deep understanding of Daniel Island's unique properties and their coastal aesthetics enables us to infuse each project with the area's distinct charm. Navigating the complexities of coastal construction with ease, we deliver homes that are both visually stunning and built to last.

Unwavering Excellence: At Peartree Homes, excellence is our standard. We select only the finest materials and employ the highest level of craftsmanship to ensure every project is executed flawlessly.

Open Collaboration: Building or remodeling a home is a pivotal experience. We prioritize transparent communication, keeping you fully engaged and informed throughout the entire process.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel Kiawah

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Daniel Island, SC

Our expertise shines brightest in transforming kitchens and bathrooms. For those who value distinctiveness, a home should not only reflect individual style but also stand as a tribute to premium materials and custom finishes. The ultimate luxury is achieved through meticulously renovated kitchens and bathrooms.

Our designs incorporate luxurious stone countertops reminiscent of the island's beaches and serene blue tiles mirroring the Atlantic's vastness, celebrating the natural beauty of the area. Choosing us for your renovation goes beyond mere updates—it signifies a profound metamorphosis that captures the spirit of living in South Carolina.

Our team expertly marries contemporary flair with timeless grace, crafting spaces that boast both modern appeal and enduring style.

Explore our gallery to witness how we've collaborated with Lowcountry residents to transform their visions into exquisite, personalized living spaces!

Kitchen Remodeling
m Remodeling
Home Additions 
Exterior Renovations

Sunroom Additions

Custom Home Builders

Remodeling and Home Additions in Daniel Island, SC

Ready to take the next step towards building your dream home? Call the seasoned design & building team at Peatree Homes for your next luxury island home renovation. We're just a call away!

Kitchen Remodel Kiawah

Daniel Island Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen, often called the home's heart, transcends its role as a mere cooking space—it's where family memories are made and bonds are strengthened. Our approach to kitchen remodeling is built on three pillars: exacting precision, steadfast excellence, and creative innovation.

We excel in rejuvenating kitchens, skillfully maintaining their original footprints when necessary—a capability that's particularly valuable in the Lowcountry's historic and diverse residences.

In our collaborative approach, we work closely with homeowners, selecting materials that stand the test of time while infusing elegance and practicality into everyday life.

As fully certified and insured general contractors, we have the expertise and experience to tackle complex structural issues, including load-bearing walls, and to masterfully create new spaces from the ground up.

Regardless of your project's size, our award-winning team is ready and eager to bring your dream kitchen to life, marrying South Carolina's unique charm with contemporary convenience.

Bathroom Remodel Kiawah

Daniel Island Bathroom Remodeling

Our approach to bathroom renovations is holistic, aiming to unlock the essence of the space and elevate it into a sanctuary that mirrors the serenity and indulgence of a spa, all within the comfort of your own home.

This venture extends well beyond mere updates of countertops or tiles. Whether it involves refreshing a small bathroom, completely revamping a master bath, or constructing a new, compliant ADU bathroom from scratch, our design team is dedicated to closely collaborating with you. Our commitment is to bring your vision for your bathroom renovation to life, making the most of every inch available.

Our ambition is to not just achieve your renovation goals but to surpass them, ensuring the space perfectly complements your lifestyle. We aim for an ideal fusion of aesthetic beauty and functional design, marrying the distinctive charm of the greater Charleston area with your individual taste to craft not just a bathroom, but an escape that rejuvenates and refreshes.


Common Bathroom Renovations:

  • Guest bathrooms

  • Jack & Jill Bathrooms

  • Master Bathroom Suites

  • ADU Bathrooms

  • Walk-in Showers

Home addition

Home Additions in Daniel Island

Feeling the need for a bit more elbow room?

Life's full of surprises, and sometimes that means needing an extra bit of space—perhaps for a charming nursery, a sleek home office, or a snug nook for reading.

Ever thought about transforming your attic or basement into a standout feature? Or how about creating a cozy in-law suite or a stylish apartment above the garage? Whatever your vision, the team at Peartree Homes is here to bring it to life. We have the expertise and creativity to design the ideal addition for your home.

As residents and builders in the Lowcountry ourselves, we get the local aesthetic. Our additions are designed to feel like a natural part of your home, avoiding any jarring transitions. We aim for additions that are harmonious and enhance your home's existing charm. Let's work together to make your home truly reflect 'you' in every way!

Exterior Renovations

Exterior Renovations & Roofing in Daniel Island, SC

Capturing the essence of Daniel Island in your home's exterior design is essential. From the choice of siding and roofing materials to the construction of custom decks and outdoor kitchens, the exterior of your home serves as both an introduction and a reflection of its natural setting.

The goal is to craft an exterior that mirrors the tranquil beauty of the island, offering a warm "Welcome home!" to all who approach.

Let the design specialists and exterior renovation experts at Peartree Homes lead the way on your next outdoor project. We're adept at creating home exteriors that not only elevate your home's visual appeal but also embody the distinctive allure of the Lowcountry. Whether it's incorporating island-inspired hues into your home's facade, constructing a deck that welcomes the coastal air, or setting up an outdoor kitchen perfect for evening gatherings, we're committed to ensuring your home's exterior beautifully complements the island's scenic charm.


Common Home Exterior Upgrades

  • Sunrooms

  • Patios & Custom Decks

  • Outdoor Kitchens

  • Roofing & Siding

With Peartree Homes Custom Remodeling Services in Daniel Island, SC You Will Get:

Custom Homes

As craftsmen, there is no greater honor than to have your work recognized & appreciated. Thank you!!

Free, In-office

From Daniel Island, we are conveniently located. We are pleased to offer Free, In-office consultations. 

Priority Customer

From concept to completion, our entire team prioritizes you, the customer!

Licensed &

Rest assured, you are in good hands. We are a fully licensed & insured home builder in South Carolina.

Home Remodeling in South Carolina Articles

From adding extra living space to creating peaceful garden sanctuaries and kitchens designed for celebration, Peartree Homes stands by your side in making your Daniel Island aspirations a reality. Additionally, explore our informative articles for a thorough exploration of home renovation craftsmanship!

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Credit One Stadium

Credit One Stadium is a premier sports and entertainment venue located on Daniel Island, known for hosting world-class concerts, sporting events, and the annual Volvo Car Open tennis tournament, making it a central hub of entertainment in Charleston. 

Wappoo Cut Bridge

The Wappoo Cut Bridge is a pivotal bascule bridge that connects the areas of James Island and West Ashley, offering picturesque views of the Wappoo Creek below. Its operational drawbridge feature plays a crucial role in both local traffic flow and maritime passage.

Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park, nestled along the banks of the Cooper River, is a serene escape in North Charleston that showcases stunning river views, sprawling lawns, and a vibrant display of local art and history, making it a favorite spot for both relaxation and cultural exploration.

Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens

Boone Hall Plantation & Gardens stands as one of America's oldest working plantations, offering a glimpse into the country's deep history with its breathtaking avenue of oaks, restored buildings, and beautiful gardens that tell the story of its 300-year legacy.

Discover Daniel Island's Must-See Spots

Your Custom Home awaits on Daniel Island

Envision starting your day with the gentle whispers of the Atlantic Ocean, in a residence that mirrors your unique taste. Let Peartree Homes, the leading specialist in home renovations and luxury homes on Daniel Island, make your dream home a reality.

Our office is a quick 15-minute drive from Daniel Island. Contact Us Today to begin your home journey!

Driving Directions from Daniel Island to Peartree Homes.

  • Get on I-526 W from Fairchild St

  • Continue on I-526 W for 6 miles

  • Merge onto I-26 W & follow for 3 miles

  • Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 209A-209B for US-52 toward Goose Creek

  • Keep right at the fork, follow signs for US-52 E and merge onto US-52 E/US-78 E

    Turn right onto Northbrook Blvd

    Arrive at Peartree Homes, 2060 Northbrook Blvd Suite 203B, North Charleston, SC 29406.

Daniel Island Town Center

30 Years of Combined Experience & Quality Work

Learn how Peartree Homes can help make your next custom home or home remodeling project a reality.

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