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Johns Island Custom Builders

Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations, Custom Home Building, Additions, and Exteriors

Johns Island Custom Homes and Remodeling

Welcome to Peartree Homes, your premier destination for custom builders in Johns Island, SC. Specializing in creating bespoke homes and transforming existing spaces, we bring over 30 years of craftsmanship and excellence to every project. Whether you're dreaming of a new custom-built home or seeking expert home remodeling in Johns Island, our team is dedicated to turning your vision into reality.

Proudly Serving Charleston County inlcuding Wadmalaw Island, Rockville, and  29455 & 29457


Johns Island Contractors

Our team of skilled contractors is the heart of our operations. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for perfection, we ensure every aspect of your project in Johns Island is handled with professionalism and precision.

Home Construction: Our approach to custom home building is rooted in a deep appreciation for the unique allure of Johns Island. Each home we craft stands as a symbol of refined coastal living, meticulously tailored to your preferences.

Revitalizing Home Renovations: Transform your home with our expert renovations, ranging from sleek kitchen updates to full-scale home transformations. Our skilled team infuses each space with a touch of Johns Island's captivating charm, rejuvenating your home with a fresh, modern feel.


Collaborative Design and Planning: Overwhelmed by the possibilities? Our experienced design team works closely with you, turning your vision into detailed, practical designs that embody the elegance of coastal living.


Environmentally Friendly Construction: In tune with Johns Island's natural beauty, we are committed to eco-friendly construction practices. Our sustainable approach ensures your home is in harmony with the environment, without compromising on luxury and comfort.

Why Partner with Us for your Johns Island Custom Home?

Choosing Peartree Homes means partnering with a team that values your dreams. We combine innovative design, sustainable building practices, and meticulous attention to detail to create spaces that are not only visually stunning but also functional and enduring.

Local Expertise: Our deep knowledge of the Lowcountry and its unique landscape and architectural styles allows us to infuse local elegance into every project. We skillfully tackle the intricacies of building in a coastal environment, ensuring each home is not only aesthetically pleasing but also enduring.

Commitment to Excellence: Our commitment to excellence is evident in every project on the island. We meticulously choose high-quality materials and employ masterful craftsmanship, striving for perfection in every detail.

Collaborative Journey: Building or remodeling a home is a significant journey. We prioritize open communication and collaboration, ensuring you are engaged and informed at every step of the process of creating your dream home on Johns Island.


Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling in Johns Island, SC

Transform your kitchen and bathrooms into spaces of comfort and luxury. Our kitchen renovations focus on creating inviting, functional spaces that are the heart of your home, while our bathroom remodeling services in Johns Island, Wadmalaw Island, and Rockville turn ordinary bathrooms into personal retreats.

Utilizing refined materials such as graceful stone countertops that reflect Johns Island's natural landscapes, and calming blue tiles that evoke the nearby coastal waters, our designs celebrate the area's inherent beauty. When you choose us for your renovation, it's more than just an update — it's a transformation imbued with the spirit and charm of South Carolina.

Our seasoned contractors find the right balance between modern convenience and traditional beauty, for truly unique spaces that stand the test of time.

Don't take our word for it! Check out the links below for our picture galleries of previous projects we have partnered with fellow Lowcountry residents on. See how we helped their dreams come to life.

Kitchen Remodeling
m Remodeling
Home Additions 
Exterior Renovations

Sunroom Additions

Custom Home Builders

Remodeling and Home Additions in Johns Island, SC

Ready to make your dream house a reality? Talk to the home renovation and custom building professionals at Peatree Homes for your next project. We're just a call away!


Johns Island Kitchen Remodel

Our kitchen remodels are tailored to your lifestyle. From contemporary designs to classic styles, we use only the finest materials and the latest trends to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen renovations are more than just replacing cabinets or upgrading countertops. They are about bringing together function and form to create a space that fits your unique needs and lifestyle.


It's like a kitchen magic trick!

We team up with you to pick out the best materials that aren't just tough and long-lasting, but also add a dash of style to your everyday life.

And hey, we're not just any remodeling company – we're fully licensed and bonded contractor professionals who can handle the tricky stuff like structural quirks, those pesky load-bearing walls, or even starting from scratch. Whatever your kitchen dream is, our award-winning crew is here to make it happen, and we can't wait to get started!


Johns Island Bathroom Remodeling

Experience the epitome of luxury with our bathroom remodeling services. We specialize in creating serene, spa-like bathrooms that provide a tranquil escape from the everyday hustle.

When it comes to redoing bathrooms, we like to think of the whole picture. It's all about turning your bathroom into your own little spa retreat, right in the comfort of your home.

This isn't just about swapping out countertops or sprucing up the shower tiles. Whether it's a cozy little bathroom refresh, a full-on master bath revamp or even making sure your additional dwelling unit's bathroom is up to snuff, our bathroom design whizzes are here to dive into your ideas. We'll make sure your new bathroom not only looks great but also makes the most of your space, fits perfectly with what you want from your bath remodel, and nails that sweet spot between looking awesome and being super practical.


Let's create something amazing together!


Common Bathroom Renovations:

  • Guest bathrooms

  • Jack & Jill Bathrooms

  • Master Bathroom Suites

  • ADU Bathrooms

  • Walk-in Showers


Home Additions in Johns Island

Ready to give yourself a little more room to breathe?


We get it, life changes and suddenly you need that extra space – maybe it's for a cute nursery, a home office, or just a cozy corner to curl up with a book.

Thinking about turning that attic or basement into something special? Or maybe adding a sweet suite for your mother-in-law, or even an apartment over the garage? Whatever your dream, our team at Peartree Homes is all about making it happen. We've got the skills and the know-how to craft the perfect new space for you.

Living and building in the Lowcountry just like you, we totally understand the vibe here. When we add to your home, we make sure it feels like it was always meant to be there. No awkward add-ons – just smooth, seamless extensions that blend right in with your home's style. Let's make your home even more 'you'!


Exterior Renovations & Roofing in Johns Island, SC

From siding to roofing to custom decks and outdoor kitchens, A home's exterior is its first impression. It's about crafting a facade that says, “Welcome home”.

Think about it – the exterior is like your home's hello to the world. We're talking about creating a look that makes you smile every time you pull into the driveway.

Need a hand with that next outdoor project? Our design pros and exterior remodeling contractors are here to help you elevate your home's exterior.


Whether it's:

Sunrooms: For that perfect sunny spot to relax.
Patios & Custom Decks: Your own outdoor haven for chill-outs or cookouts.
Outdoor Kitchens: Because why should cooking be an inside-only thing?
Roofing & Siding: Keeping you safe and stylish from the top down.

Let's make your home not just a place to live, but a place to love!

With Peartree Homes Custom Building Services in Johns Island, SC You Will Get:

Custom Homes

As professionals, there is no greater honor than to have your work recognized & appreciated. Thank you!!

Free, In-office

From Wadmalaw Island, we are conveniently located. We are pleased to offer Free, In-office consultations. 

Priority Customer

From start to finish, our entire building team prioritizes you, the customer!

Licensed &

Rest assured, you are in good hands. We are a fully licensed & insured home builder in South Carolina.

Home Remodeling Johns Island, SC Articles

From room additions to peaceful outdoor retreats to party-ready kitchens, Peartree Homes is your partner in making your Johns Island vision a reality. Meanwhile, explore these helpful articles for a deeper dive into the world of home renovation projects!

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Angel Oak in Johns Island, SC

Angel Oak

The Angel Oak on Johns Island is more than just a tree; it's a living testament to the island's history. Estimated to be 400 to 500 years old, this Southern live oak stands tall at 65 feet, with a massive trunk circumference of 25.5 feet. It's a serene spot, perfect for a leisurely visit, where you can marvel at its size and enjoy a moment of tranquility under its sprawling branches.


Charleston Tea Garden
Take a delightful detour to the Charleston Tea Garden in Wadmalaw Island. As the only tea garden in North America, it offers a unique peek into the world of tea production. Stroll through rows of tea plants, learn about the tea-making process, and savor a cup of freshly brewed tea. This garden is not just about tea; it's an experience that combines agricultural beauty with a fascinating educational journey. It's a must-visit for anyone who loves tea or is curious about the art of tea cultivation.

Mullet Hall Equestrian Center
Mullet Hall Equestrian Center on Johns Island is an equestrian's paradise. Spread over 738 acres, it features 20 miles of trails and serves as a venue for horse competitions and outdoor events. Whether you're a seasoned rider or just want to soak in the natural beauty of the island, Mullet Hall offers an idyllic escape. It's a place where the charm of horseback riding and the allure of the outdoors merge, offering a unique and tranquil experience.

These landmarks highlight the diverse attractions of Johns Island and Wadmalaw, showcasing their rich history, unique culture, and stunning natural landscapes.

Discover Johns Island's Landmarks

Your Custom Home Awaits You in Johns Island

At Peartree Homes, we're ready to bring your dream home to life in Johns Island. With our expertise in custom building and remodeling, your vision of a perfect home is just a consultation away.

Contact us today to start your dream home project in the heart of Johns Island.

Driving Directions from Johns Island to Peartree Homes.

  • Start at Maybank Hwy, Johns Island, SC 29455.

  • Take River Rd/State Rd S-10-91 to Hwy 17 N. 

  • Then, take I-526 E and I-26 W to Northbrook Blvd in North Charleston.

  • Continue on Northbrook Blvd to our office.

  • Arrive at Peartree Homes, located at 2060 Northbrook Blvd Suite 203B, North Charleston, SC 29406.

The total estimated driving time is about 30 minutes, following route via I-526 E

Johns Island Town Center

30 Years of Combined Experience & Quality Work

Learn how Peartree Homes can help make your next custom home or renovation project a reality.

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