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Home Additions That Can Add the Most Value to Your Home in Charleston SC

Interested in learning which home additions will add the most value to your home in Charleston SC?

When remodeling your home, always consider features that can improve not only its functionality but also its value. These additions would help increase your property’s marketability should you put it on sale in the future.

Two-Story Addition

According to Home Advisor’s True Cost Guide, you can get up to 65% return on investment for building a two-story addition with a master suite upstairs and a living area downstairs. This addition can increase your home’s square footage, which can attract prospective buyers.

Attic Bedroom

You can have your attic finished and converted into a bedroom. With this addition, you can expect to recoup around 77% of its cost when selling your home. If the bedroom is made for guests, you can use it as a home office as well. A finished attic can also be turned into a home gym, entertainment or a library.

New Bathroom

One of the first rooms that home buyers check is the bathroom. Potential buyers might not become interested in your home if it doesn’t have enough bathrooms. Even a half-bath can increase your property’s marketability.


A deck is a great addition since it will increase your living space and can be used for different purposes. You can use it for entertaining guests, dining, cooking or for simply relaxing. According to research, you can recoup up to 82% of the cost of a wood deck and at least 75% of the cost of a composite deck. The latter option may have a higher upfront cost, but it lasts longer and is easier to maintain than other materials.

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