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Custom Home Building Mistakes in Charleston SC

When you’re working with custom home building contractors in Charleston SC, you expect them to be great at planning and designing. It’s important to choose a reputable contractor because it’s unlikely that they’ll commit obvious mistakes that will waste money and time.

You know that the contractor isn’t good if they commit these mistakes:

Neglecting the Components of Lot Selection in Custom Building

This is the first step involved in building a new custom home. However, many homeowners and builders still overlook it. The right lot should have the proper utility hookups. The sewage system and the drainage system should also be part of the planning, especially if the lot is on a hill.

Your contractors should verify the ground’s quality and solidity, so they should perform the necessary tests. They should work on all of these, plus consider other logistical requirements, such as the condition of the road, which will affect how the materials are delivered to the site.

Not Considering the Utility Configuration

Unlike with a simple home remodeling project, your builders should coordinate utility hookups well in advance of the new construction. If they neglect this, it might cause delays when the construction is about to start. It’s often necessary to coordinate this with utility installation contractors to ensure proper timing and to avoid delays.

Using the Wrong Building Method in Charleston

There are differences between the types of building methods used in different forms of construction. For example, building a custom home is not the same as building a modular home. Roofing systems and other components also vary. It’s important for the builder to work closely with you when determining the method of construction for the home you want.

Not Planning the Aesthetics

You don’t want to end up with a house that looks nothing like the one you had in mind. If you’re building a custom home, your builder should be able to construct it with the aesthetics you want. There’s hardly any point in building a custom home from the ground up if you have no say in how it looks.

Not Pulling the Permits

Your builder should take charge of pulling all the necessary permits to facilitate the construction without delay or any legal liability. If your home violates code or zoning laws, local authorities can penalize you or require you to tear down the construction and do it over according to code.

Building a custom home is not the time to cross your fingers and hope for the best outcome. You and your contractor should be on the same page all throughout the completion of the project.

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