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Your Ideal Kitchen Remodeling Wish List

Are you thinking of what features you want to include in your grand kitchen remodel? Most homeowners would typically start a “wish list” or a checklist on what they want and need for their home kitchen.

This will help you decide what can and should be included in your kitchen remodel when you discuss the details with a renovation contractor.

To give you a head start, Peartree Homes has put together a convenient wish list that’s fit for the food lover and home cook! Check them out below:

Deep Storage Pantry

A kitchen pantry with pull-out shelves and drawers in the lower section is great for storing pots, pans, bowls and other cookware. You can also store smaller items like condiments and spices in a drawer above them to keep them within easy reach.

With a well-built pantry, your cooking supplies can stay stocked and organized while keeping your countertops clean and free of clutter.


Of course, we’re not talking about geography here; we’re referring to the workstations that are essential in any kitchen remodeling wish list! A kitchen island is typically designed to accommodate food preparation, but it can also be used as an informal dining area. You can even have it built with extra storage for your cookware and other similar supplies.

The Right Amount of Lighting

This is another essential feature for your dream kitchen remodel. It’s important to create a balance of natural and artificial lighting for your kitchen so that it won’t feel too stuffy whenever it’s being used.

For instance, you may need to add large sliding or folding glass doors to bring in more natural light as well as a nice transition to the next room or the outdoors. But don’t forget to consider soft overhead lighting and under-cabinet lights to ensure better convenience when using the kitchen!

When it comes to excellent kitchen and home remodeling, Peartree Homes has got you covered! You can count on our services to get your remodel done efficiently and professionally.

Call us today at (843) 343-5808, or reach us online through our convenient contact form.


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