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Why a Project Manager for Your Home Remodel Matters

Having a team of professionals working on your home remodeling project makes everything easier for you. With them by your side, you can rest easy knowing that the project's success is assured.

If it is your first time taking on this major endeavor, you must know that having a project manager matters a lot and can make a huge difference during your remodel.

Good project managers don’t just oversee their clients’ remodeling plans. They also act as a dedicated point of contact throughout the project, saving you from stress while making sure you stay on or under budget. More importantly, they help ensure a positive overall remodeling experience from start to finish. Without them, the initial phases of the remodel can become too overwhelming.

Reasons to Work With a Home Remodeling Project Manager

Working in tandem with a project manager for your home remodel has many benefits. Some of these include the following:

  • Scheduling

Even seemingly simple home remodeling projects may require a decent amount of coordinating schedules with everyone involved, from suppliers to craftsmen. It means considering the number of days it may take to complete a certain aspect of the project like procuring and delivering products and materials and setting or drying times.

Unexpected delays are also a possibility, which makes project management all the more challenging for the homeowner.

An experienced project manager will take care of all these, working with grace under pressure. Experienced pros know how to handle schedules and potential rescheduling that comes along with the remodel.

For them, it is about making decisions that will give the best possible outcome, avoiding any unnecessary downtimes as the project moves forward.

  • Handling and Addressing Issues

In an ideal situation, bathrooms and kitchen remodeling projects would be executed to perfection, with each phase progressing without hitting a snag. In reality, however, this is not the case.

The adage “expect the unexpected” rings true in such endeavors, especially if the remodel involves older homes. When this happens, you’d want someone to help you solve certain problems and ease your worries.

A good project manager takes the time to identify issues, plan a course of action and perform the fix. These professionals also make sure you are informed about certain problems and any potential changes.

Of course, they have to be swift and quick with their decision-making, seeing to it that they carry out everything with minimal downtime or impact on your project timeline.

  • Ensuring Top-Notch Craftsmanship

As a homeowner, you’d want your remodel to have the best possible outcome. It means making sure the products you buy, the installation, and the workmanship are of the highest quality. One of the primary roles of a project manager is overseeing the construction phase of the remodel to ensure everything is done exceptionally well.

Your pro will monitor and report on the project’s weekly progress and manage the budget.

With project managers being present at the worksite and managing everything moving forward, the finished project will meet not just the expectations of the remodeling company, but your expectations as well. Also, the project manager will see to it that the work zone remains clean and safe.

  • Being the Single Point of Contact

Communication is a vital component of a working relationship between the homeowner and the remodeler. Having a project manager on-site each day gives you peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands.

Even when your project manager is not around, you can easily reach out to the company via phone or email to answer your questions or discuss any concerns you might have about the project. Again, project managers make sure they inform you about what was completed and what’s going to be the next step.

With open, two-way communication, you will never feel like you’re not made aware of your project’s progress, and you won't have to ask every time if something was completed on any given day. The project manager as the dedicated point of contact helps establish a better remodeling experience for everyone involved.

Tips When Hiring and Working With a Remodeling Project Manager

Now that you know how a project manager is beneficial to your remodel, it is time to learn more about hiring and working with one. Here are some tips to find and manage your working relationship.

  • Do Your Research

Seek out referrals from friends, family members, and work colleagues. Check the prospect’s customer reviews and work portfolio. In doing these, you can gain insight into how the company handles remodeling projects.

  • Meet With a Prospect

Once you’ve met with your project manager, Measure your interactions with them, and gauge your level of comfort with them on a personal and professional level. You’ll be working and talking with them often, so both of you must get along well and understand each other right from the get-go.

  • Get the Manager on Board Right Away

Engaging one of these pros earlier in the planning process helps the project run smoothly. Plus, getting a project manager on board from day one makes it easier for both of you to prevent potential problems instead of fixing unforeseen issues after work has started. This ensures that there will be no instances of miscommunication that might otherwise derail your project’s progress.

  • Get the Most Out of Your Project Manager

Want the remodeling project to be a success? Let the project manager fulfill the role. After all, these pros have the expertise to properly manage your project. Of course, you shouldn’t disregard the need to communicate.

Inform your selected project manager about your project’s requirements, and be honest about your budget during the initial meeting. More importantly, show interest in the project and be involved throughout the process.

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