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What Things Can Add to Your Total Roof Replacement Cost?

Have you checked your roofing lately? When the system is already old and failing, the smarter and better solution is roof replacement. This is the kind of major home renovation project that most homeowners may find extremely daunting - at least at first.

Once you know which important factors to consider, the project becomes much easier. You should, for example, take its total cost into account. A roof replacement is a huge investment, so you’ll want to know just how much you’ll need to spend.

A local roofing contractor, like Peartree Homes, can help you with this. Our skilled and trained crew can perform a comprehensive inspection of your roofing system. We’ll follow this up with a detailed and accurate estimate of your project.

These include the total roof replacement cost, along with the things that add to it, such as:

Roof Replacement Method

How the project is done can affect its total costs. When investing in a roofing replacement, you’ll need to decide whether to have a roof layover or a complete tear-off. The roof layover is exactly that - a fresh layer of shingles that are installed over your old roof.

While more cost-effective than a tear-off, this method will prove problematic later on in the process. A layover adds extra weight to your roof structure - maybe more than what it can actually handle - and will create issues with the attic ventilation, which in turn, leads to premature aging of your new shingles.

This won’t be a problem, however, when you invest in a complete roof-tear off. Because the old system is removed in its entirety, there will be no unnecessary strain on the roof structure. A tear-off also gives your roofer the opportunity to take a closer look at the roof deck, helping determine whether some bit of repair work will be required before the new system is installed.

A complete roof tear-off will add more to your total project costs, but this method helps ensure your new roof can remain in good shape, which means a longer service life.

Roof Size and Pitch

The bigger your roof is, and the steeper its slope, the more it will add to your final roof replacement cost. You’ll need more materials to cover the whole roof, which means more expenses, and their installation may require an extra pair of hands to ensure the project remains on schedule. When your roof has a steep pitch, it may not be considered walkable. In order to complete the installation properly, it will need greater staging, safety, and labor.

Additional Repair Work

Unwelcome surprises are not exactly uncommon, whether in roof replacement or room additions. The roof deck, for example, may need to be replaced due to extensive mold growth or rot. Perhaps, additional ventilation is required in your attic space, or your gutters will need to be replaced along with your roof.

Whatever the case, it’s better to deal with these issues promptly. They may add to your total roof replacement cost, but you can avoid major headaches down the road. To mitigate the cost of these extra repairs, make sure you have an extra budget set aside for such contingencies.

Type of Roofing Material

The roofing material will probably take up most of your total roof replacement cost. That’s why you’ll want to consider your choices carefully. Metal, for instance, is lightweight and durable, and can last a long time. Tile and slate, while heavyweights, can last even longer. But the materials themselves are considered premium.

Tile and slate roofing will also require an additional support structure to ensure your home can hold up their weight, which in turn, means shelling out more money. If you want a quality, tough, but reasonably priced choice, asphalt shingles are perfect.

Roof Removal, Debris Disposal and Other Charges

Given how the roof is an incredibly large home component, its removal will generate a significant amount of waste material and debris. Their removal and disposal, by renting a dumpster or two, will add more to your total project cost.

Are you uncomfortable about letting the roofing crew use the bathroom in your home? Then, you may need to rent a portable toilet the installers can use.

Why You Should Work With Us for Your Roof Replacement

Peartree Homes remains one of the leading providers of exceptional roofing services in the Charleston, SC - and with good reason! We have always been committed to delivering the best results in every project we take on, no matter how big or small. You should turn to us if you need a company that’s:

  • Licensed, bonded and insured: Peartree Homes is a fully licensed and bonded, residential builder and home renovation contractor. We also carry the necessary insurance- including liability coverage, commercial auto, and workers’ compensation for your greater protection. If you want us to show you proof of our credentials, we’ll be more than happy to oblige.

  • Experienced: Since 2012, Peartree Homes has served Charleston area communities. We stand behind everything we build and take pride in doing it perfectly right the first time, whether this involves a roofing replacement or a kitchen remodel. No shortcuts, no costly mistakes and no callbacks - you can only expect superior workmanship backed by a collective 50-plus years of industry experience.

  • Established: Complete customer satisfaction is one of our top concerns, and we consistently achieve that through our high-quality products, quick and personalized customer service, and unmatched results. Our Accreditation and A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and our five-Star Google and facebook reviews speak of the quality of our workmanship.

  • Certified: Peartree Homes is a factory-certified roofing contractor by one of North America’s largest roofing manufacturers, CertainTeed®. This means access to some of the toughest and most versatile asphalt shingle roofing systems available today. They can withstand heavy rainfall, snow loads, blistering heat, high winds and hailstorms, ensuring your home remains safe and damage-free from the elements.

What’s more, our CertainTeed products are available in a wide selection of colors, textures and profiles. Some of our options can even mimic the natural beauty of cedar shake roofing, allowing you to easily match your new roofing with your home’s style and exterior palette.

Plus, they come with solid warranty coverage for your greater peace of mind.

Look no further than, Peartree Homes for quality roof replacement and room additions. With our top-tier solutions, we’ll help you keep a beautiful, efficient, and safe home. Call us today at (843) 343-5808, or fill out this contact form to schedule your consultation.


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