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Popular Bathroom Designs to Consider for Your Home

As far as home remodeling projects go, a well-designed bathroom has a lot of potential to be a prominent feature in your home, especially if you go for the right style. To help give you a better idea of your options, here are some popular bathroom designs you should definitely consider.


This is great for homeowners who love the outdoors and appreciate having the beauty of nature in their bathrooms. Clean lines of light timber cabinetry define the room, with timber interior features that seem to mirror the outdoors and create a calm space that feels more spacious than it actually is. Also, try having a hand-hewn footstool that completes the design to make the room look cozier and inviting.


As a reputable custom home construction company, we recommend going for a rustic design if you’re into vintage motifs and a relaxing soak in an old-fashioned tub. This bathroom design is more ideal for older properties or homes that have a more historical architecture.

Rustic appeal can be established or maintained with the retention of rough natural surfaces, such as brick or sandstone.


Simple, clean lines are the main focus of this design. There’s no need to add architectural adornments like moldings or face frames on cabinets since the overall theme is cleanliness and minimalism.

This is appealing if you’re looking for a modern design without any unnecessary clutter, utilizing sleek materials and simple lighting for a refined feel. You can easily incorporate the latest materials, finishes and technology into this type of design.

When it comes to expert bathroom and kitchen remodeling, Peartree Homes is your best choice. Whatever design you might have in mind, you can count on us to deliver, guaranteeing you make the most of your home improvement investment.

Call us today at (843) 343-5808! You can also reach us online through our contact form.


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