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How to Prepare for a Siding Installation Job

A siding installation job is an exciting part of being a homeowner as it’s a fresh chance to spruce up your home’s exterior and increase its energy efficiency. This goes to show that it’s important to hire a capable siding contractor to get the job done as well as preparing yourself for it.

1. Trim Your Lawn

Before your contractors arrive, make sure to trim your lawn so that the contractors will have an easier time using their magnetic nail finder to recover nails and staples that could have fallen off during the installation process. This also prevents accidents like stepping on nails or damaging other parts of your exterior.

2. Remove Patio Items

Be sure to remove potted plants, gardening tools, furniture and fixtures, and other items present on your home’s exterior. This makes it easier for the contractors to work on your home’s siding so that your belongings won’t get damaged and it will be easier for them to navigate outside your home.

3. Keep Your Kids Away

Regardless of the nature of a project, whether it is for roofing or siding installation, be sure to keep your children away from the work area to keep them safe. There’s always a risk present of debris falling around or hazards lying on the floor that children may run into so it’s best to keep them away from the project area for the time being.

4. Vacate Your Driveway

Park your car somewhere else for the meantime, and keep your driveway clear so that your contractors can easily access your home and transport their tools and installation materials to the project area. This makes it more convenient for them, and it shortens the installation time for your new siding.

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