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Factors to Consider When Planning a Bathroom Remodel

Home remodeling projects, especially major improvements, must be planned properly. Upgrading your bathroom will not only make your space more appealing but also more comfortable and functional. While this part of your home is not as big as other rooms, renovating it shouldn’t be taken lightly.

You have various things to consider before starting with your project. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

Determine Your Budget

It will help to research the average cost of bathroom remodeling for your location, but keep in mind that every project is unique. The amount you need to spend depends on the size of your space, the scale of the remodel, the materials and the contractor you will hire. When planning your remodel, assess your finances, and determine how much you think you can spend.

To get an idea about the cost of your remodel, obtain multiple estimates from different contractors. Also, setting realistic expectations can save you from stress.

What Your Space Needs

Whether you’re working on a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project, you need to determine the features your space needs. Which fixtures do you wish to replace, and what new things do you want to see in your upgraded bathroom? Write down what you want and need at the early stages of your project. If permitted by your budget, adding little luxuries won’t hurt and will heighten the beauty of your space.

Set Aside Funds for Unexpected Expenses

No matter which part of your home you’re renovating, always expect the unexpected. With a bathroom remodel, it’s possible that your plumbing might have issues. These problems can arise and add to the cost of your project. It’s a good idea to set aside funds from your budget for unanticipated expenses.

Take Note of Your Payment Options

Aside from cash, various payment options are available today for funding home improvements. One of the most popular options is a home equity loan since it can be tax-deductible. You may also go for refinancing, Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loans, personal loans, no-equity loans or retirement plan loans.

Keep Track of Your Expenses

After finalizing your budget, make a spreadsheet so you can keep up with your remodeling costs and ensure you’re on track. Doing so will also help you make sure that you and your contractor are sticking to the agreed-upon budget.

Choose the Best Flooring for Your Space

Consider slip-resistant flooring options for your remodel to avoid slips and falls. With small tiles and wide grout lines, you’re less likely to slip in the shower. Today, many beautiful and cost-effective flooring are available to accentuate the beauty of your place while keeping it safe.

Should You Go for Paint or Tile?

You can choose between paint and tile for the walls of your bathroom. It’s often more cost-effective to choose tiles for certain areas of the room, such as the vanity or shower. High-quality paint is also a good option as it withstands moisture and prevents mold and mildew growth.

Go for a Low-Maintenance Countertop Option

A beautiful countertop material can instantly give your bathroom a more sophisticated look. One option you should consider is granite because it’s both appealing and easy to maintain. Cleaning this material is effortless, and it also takes up less square footage. If you’re looking for a cost-effective and chic countertop option, definitely go for granite.

At Peartree Homes, you can count on our skilled team with all your bathroom remodeling needs. We also specialize in custom home construction and kitchen remodeling. Call us at (843) 343-5808, or complete our contact form to learn more about our services.


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