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Custom, Spec and Tract Homes: A Comparison

Whenever people want to own a home, most tend to think that there’s no difference between them. In fact, to some, it doesn’t matter what kind of home they have so long as they have shelter.

However, if you want to broaden your horizons when it comes to home ownership, it’s highly recommended that you learn everything you can about these three kinds of homes: custom, spec, and tract.

Custom Homes

As their name suggests, custom homes are homes that you can build from the ground up and customize to your liking. In fact, with how customizable this type of home is, it can be a true reflection of yourself as the owner.

If you opt for a custom-built home, your choices are practically endless, and if you work with a professional team, you can make budgeting and selection decisions every step of the way, allowing you to be aware of every penny you spend and why it’s needed. This helps you avoid financial difficulties during the construction of your home.

Spec Homes

Like custom homes, spec homes come in a variety of square footage and designs. They can often still allow for partial customization of your home at half the time. However, keep in mind that while spec homes can help you save some time, some of the house’s features are completely out of your hands, making similarities between your home and others a distinct possibility.

Tract Homes

Finally, there are also tract homes, which are sometimes referred to as “cookie-cutter” homes because these properties tend to look similar to one another from floor plans down to exterior styles. According to experts, most homeowners tend to gravitate toward tract homes due to their affordability.

But this also comes with a downside, mainly, a lack of control over your home’s overall look. As such, if you want to have as much control over your home as possible, a tract home isn’t the best choice for you.

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